Blood Traceability

B Medical Systems S. r.l. is a Luxembourg-based pioneer in the medical equipment industry. The company was founded in 1979 when the World Health Organization approached Electrolux in Vianden to provide a solution to their problems in safely storing and transporting vaccines around the world. Then, Electrolux became Dometic, a division of the Dometic Group. Our recognition grew through our work and the positive results it generated and we have become well-known for our expertise in Cold Chain and Blood Safety. All our stakeholders recognize us for the work we do, not just for profit, but for the greater good of mankind, saving lives in developing nations and setting standards in developed nations in doing the right thing.

2BH RFID Solution

The perfect solution for a safe Blood Transfusion for all.


In order to meet management and traceability needs for the transfusion process, B Medical Systems Medical Systems distributes the Biolog solution. Thanks to the electronic label associated with each Blood Bag, the system can remotely optimize stock status, traceability and Blood Bag status in real time.

The Blood donation number, product code as well as all important patient information are automatically recorded in the RFID chip’s memory.

The benefits of RFID in the transfusion field

  • Communication in motion, without contact and without direct visibility
  • Automatic reading and writing of the data, which allows amendment or updating of the information, both remotely and in real time
  • Automatic processing of the data (without operator input)
  • Protection by password or encryption code
  • Knowledge of the “available” stocks in real time and of the status of each bag
  • Total traceability in the transfusion chain, in particular in the transportation and storage flows