INTRODUCTION - Sakuf Trading

We, Sakuf Trading, are based in Lahore, Pakistan endeavoring to satisfy the needs of our Customers across the Country. We work with the vision to Promote Quality Products and Contribute towards the vital aspects of Health Care by having mutual Cooperation at Global Level.
Sakuf Trading provides Medical Equipment Sales, Services and dedicated Solutions. The company is   committed to deliver High Quality Equipment’s and Professional Services. We always focus on the development of Strong, Long-Term Relationships with our Customers and Suppliers.
Our facility includes State of Art Laboratory for Research and Development (R&D) and provides efficient After Sales Service. Our facility also includes the Center of Excellence (CoE), Learning and Training Facility which is used for the Training Programs of our Commercial and Technical   Staff,   Business   Meetings,   Corporate   Dinners,   Group Presentations and Seminars.
Sakuf has become a Medical Technical Resource Center for Health Care Institutions and Organizations which is our unique identity. Our team of highly proficient Biomedical Engineers, Consultants, Doctors, and Biomedical Equipment Technicians are playing a vital role to provide the best possible services to our Valued Customers. Every Hospital and Institute can draw from us as much expertise as it needs. Our sole responsibility is to our Customers.